Launching the loudest bar in the quietest town

Known for it’s great liquor and American dive bar vibe, MOJO launched it’s biggest bar yet in the quiet town of Harrogate in April 2018. Identifying the need in the small town for good times, good music and a venue that stays open until the early hours, SLB were on hand to make sure the launch delivered the high expectations of the club hungry Harrogate residents. 

Mojo Harrogate30780.jpg

First SLB hosted a press preview targeting the local media outlets, they had the first look at the 2,400 sq.ft space and first taste of the mouth watering, US inspired food menu. Then came the launch night. Ticketed only until 12am, it was a sell out. Tickets were free, but you needed one to get in before midnight, over 1,000 tickets were claimed. SLB manned the doors and completed ticket checks whilst the sorry people who didn’t get the memo had to come back at 12am to get a look at the new bar. 

MOJO ran a ‘Pay as you feel’ bar and all proceeds went to the Physcap charity, in total they raised over £20,000 on launch night! With a strategy that encompasses the simple action of having a good time, the Harrogate branch is well on it’s way to be a huge success along with the other four MOJO bars in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Manchester! MOJO Harrogate is the first of the group to have a roof terrace and a level dedicated to Beer Pong. Ever in Harrogate and looking to have a good time, you know where to go! 


There are two words that inspire excitement in the sometimes dull desk life of a PR, and those words are “press trip.” 

We’re no strangers to this, but when it came to deciding where to take our press friends to celebrate the launch of RUSK’s brand new styling range - we were at a loss. We then thought about places that echo the brand, combining innovation with vitality and free spirited thinkers, and  this left us with only one option. It had to be Amsterdam.


By a stroke of luck (or pure PR genius - you decide), our trip coincided with the opening of Amsterdam’s Soho House. 

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we try to do things a little differently. Instead of ferrying our guests over to Holland to sit in a conference room and watch a presentation about which chemicals you should be using to make a cracking hair mousse, we took them to the top of a twenty storey building and dangled them off the side on Europe’s highest swing instead. And we didn’t even make anyone throw up.

Now, before you judge, there was some real work involved. Our trip hostess, UK Colour Ambassador for RUSK and genuine all round colour extroadinaire Katie Mulcahy was on hand to transform our guests ready for dinner, whilst prescribing which styling products would work for them, based on their hair type and how they like it to look and feel.

The new RUSK collection is made up of five categories - Wash, Prep, Finish, Colour and Men’s. Each product has been completely overhauled and re-formulated to create something brand new, based on feedback over the last couple of years. 


The new RUSK collection is made up of five categories - Wash, Prep, Finish, Colour and Men’s. Each product has been completely overhauled and re-formulated to create something brand new, based on feedback over the last couple of years. 

We love a rooftop, and our stop for dinner was atop the W Hotel’s Exchange Building at Mr Porter. After that, there were a series of bars which become less and less memorable. But safe to say, we definitely had a lot of fun.

We decided that whilst in Amsterdam, there was more to talk about than just hair. Our Sam, the self confessed travel freak and history geek, led a guided tour through the city’s regions - hitting all the main sights on the way. It’s kind of considered rude if you visit Amsterdam without getting a boat to somewhere. Our piéce de resistance was a private boat tour, cruising through the city’s historic canals. 

You might be thinking, well what’s the point of all this? For us, our relationships are what make us successful, and spending time with press away from the stress of their desk is invaluable. 



Our clients come to us to ensure their brand is kept in the media spotlight. We of course use all the traditional channels to make this happen, but we also decipher a strategy and work out the vision that our clients want to take forward. Entering, and sometimes more importantly, winning (!) awards is a major part of the strategy for all our clients. It’s important to be recognised, it not only gives us a buzz and our clients but it let’s everyone else know that you’re pretty special too. 

Hazel & Haydn, a hairdressing salon based in Birmingham came to us with this vision. They created a beautiful and creative collection one that we knew could go the extra mile. A team of stylists was led by salon owner Dale Hollinshead and the outcome was an impressive collection of images that we wanted to make sure were used to their full potential. 

Hair by Hazel & Haydn (1) (1).jpg

By creating a stand out award entry, and pairing this with the beautiful image they had created, Hazel & Haydn won in the category ‘I want her hair’ in the 2018 Hair Awards. Being the UK’s leading consumer hairdressing magazine, this was a huge achievement and has really put the salon on the map. The awards are judged by a leading panel of hairdressing experts including Mark Hill, Errol Douglas, Karine Jackson and Andrew Barton who commented on the winning image “I love this kind of hair that makes a woman feel amazing and strong”. 

It shouldn’t have then been a surprise that we also bagged the front cover position for our client. The winning image graced the cover of the July issue. Dedicated to the Hair Awards 2018, Hazel & Haydn and their winning image took over the issue from front cover to multiple placements within. We never get tired of seeing our clients on the newsstands!